How do I get started with MAX Workouts?

Category: Getting Started

If you purchased the MAX Workouts book (that’s the 90 day program), you should begin with this program.  You can download the book by logging in and clicking on the “my account” link (located in the top right hand corner of the page).

The online Daily Workouts are more advanced than what’s in the book (the book builds you up to that gradually).  However, depending on your current fitness level, you may find that you are ready to start the online daily workouts earlier.  If you’re doing the 90-day program in the MAX Workouts book, the online workout videos on the “Daily Workouts” tab are a great way to understand how the workouts in the book should be done (e.g. the tempo, having good form, etc…).

On the club, a new workout cycle is posted online every 3 weeks. The workouts include video with a demonstration on how to perform each workout. You also get access to the online discussion forums (where you can get help from other members on the program), an online fitness diary, articles, a video library included access to over 120 exercise and rehab video demonstrations.

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