What size weights should I start with?

Category: Getting Started

I give you a suggested weight range for each workout, but since everyone is a little different the size weights you choose will ultimately depend on your current level of conditioning.

Since MAX Workouts is a high-intensity program, as a general rule you should use weights that are challenging for you.  That being said, don’t use weights that are so heavy that your form is compromised or that you can’t do the whole workout using that same weight.  On the other hand, if the amount of weight you choose is too light, your workout won’t be high-intensity.

If you’re just starting out with MAX Workouts or are new to high-intensity, I recommend going through the first few workouts with really light weights (or no weight).  That will give you a better idea of how heavy you should go.  As you move through the program and your strength progressively increases, you can gradually increase the amount of weight you use.

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